Apply for Masters

The application deadlines for each master program are available in the corresponding pages on

Yes, it’s possible to save your changes at any stage of the application and you can login and continue editing your application at a later stage.

No, you can upload additional documents also after submitting your application.

Yes, ideally all documents should be uploaded in PDF format.

We do not ask for a specific format for reference letters and we do accept letters of reference on letterheads of the university/company.

GMAT and GRE Scores are not compulsory but recommended to support your application.

Yes, the platform allows you to apply for more than one master program. For each Master application, a different application fee is required.

Yes, you are able to defer your admission offer to the following intake after approval from the admissions committee.

Candidates for the programs have to sit for a Motivational Interview and will be informed by the admissions team on the date, time and structure of the interview.

  • International Master in Marketing Management - Omnichannel and Consumer Analytics (IM4)

  • International Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IMIE)

  • International Master in Luxury Management (IMLUX)

  • International Master in Business Analytics and Big Data (BABD)

  • International Master in Project Management (iMPM)

  • International Master in Supply Chain and Procurement Management (iMSCPM)

  • International Master in Digital Transformation (iMDT)

  • International Part Time MBA

  • International Full Time MBA

  • Master in Performing Arts Management (MPAM)

  • Master in Energy Management (MEM)

  • Executive Master in Project Management

  • Global Executive Master in Operations and Supply Chain (GEMOS)

  • International Flex EMBA (i-Flex)

  • Master in Management (MIM)

  • Master in Financial Risk Management (MIFRIM)

Your application is activated when you complete the application fee payment. Additional documents can be uploaded at a later stage as well.

No, however, you will be contacted by an MIP recruiter shortly afterwards to discuss the next steps in your application procedure.


The entire application process including application submissions, motivational interview and confirmation of admission lasts for 10-15 days. The final decision on admission is communicated to the candidate in between one week to 10 days after the motivational interview.

Yes, it's possible to pay with a credit card like other online purchases even if you do not have a PayPal account.

The tuition fee can be paid by bank transfer to the school's account.

You can make a bank transfer to our account. To have our bank details, please write to 

In case you forget your password you can click on the "I forgot my password" link. You will receive an email with a new temporary password and you can change it later.

We suggest you to try opening it in a different browser. The application platform is designed to work equally well in different browsers (Mozilla, Chrome, IE etc.) but depending on your computer’s internal settings, it might function more smoothly in one browser than the other. If problems persist, please contact

Yes, all the data included in the CV (University background, working experience - internships included) must also be indicated in the application form.

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